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March 5, 2008

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White Anti-racist Summit
If you are interested in organizing white people to resist racism and undo white supremacy, if you are interested in starting a group, if you are part of an ongoing group and want to connect with others, we would like to see you at the white anti-racist summit. For information and registration, CLICK HERE

White Privilege Conference
The White Privilege Conference is a worthwhile event for anyone with a concern about undoing racism. If you are going to the White Anti-racist Summit, you can also register for the White Privilege Conference using the link above. This offer limited to the first 50 people.

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General stories

U.S. Senate apologizes for violence to Native Americans, in a way calculated to garner minimal attention. There is plenty more to be sorry for. Human rights advocates recently gathered to examine the U.S. record on racism (see also Resources section below). The U.S. government claims it is making an effort. Israel follows Canada's lead and drops out of WCAR II.

Massachusetts lenders milk minorities. In Georgia, pioneering black police officers feel present bite of Jim Crow pensions. Glaring sentencing disparities still exist between white and black. But the crack-cocaine sentencing disparity is now being addressed. Bill Clinton says he is sorry about not working harder on that.

Is she really anti-racist? A pro-life advocate reveals willingness of Planned Parenthood to accept funds from donors with racist motives. Anti-racists protest this in Idaho.

More genetics: Europeans less diverse than Africans.



A recent study finds immigrants less likely to commit crimes, though some say legal vs. illegal status may make a difference. Even minor offences in Prince William County, VA, are problematic for Latinos. Legal vs. illegal, to ICE it's all the same. Meanwhile, in Texas a zone of non-enforcement creates a blended culture at the border. And African Americans in Louisiana show solidarity as Mexican strawberry pickers organize.


Foot-in-mouth disease

Conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly doesn't want to "lynch" Michelle Obama unless he has some facts. Sean Hannity critiques Obama's association with Farrakhan while ignoring his own much closer ties to white supremacists. Patrick Buchanan defends white men by re-inventing history. And a Utah legislator of unspecified race and gender uses language invoking demeaning racial imagery.


Campus Watch

A white male student at Colorado University creates an outcry with a "satirical" essay calling for war on Asian students. Angry Asian Man reacts. As does the University of Colorado student legislative council. In response, university officials sentenced Campus Press staff to diversity training. Anti-Asian satire and imagery is a growing problem on campuses nationwide.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, black students face harassment in schools. Black students at an elite prep school are targets and threatened (Article 1, Article 2). In Toronto, Ryerson University students rally against racism. At Illinois State University, 300 students rally against local KKK activity. At historically black Bethune Cookman University, students question a racist policy of a local business.

Reports of talks by Tim Wise at Trinity College and University of Michigan-Dearborn appeared in student newspapers. A LSU student questions Affirmative Action in the law school. A San Jose State University student gains insight from Peggy McIntosh's classic article on white privilege.

Berkeley holds Native American remains in thrall to its academic "prestige."


International News

White students at the University of the Free State in South Africa release a video in which they trick mature black women service workers into consuming a urine-laced "beef stew." After a worldwide outcry, the students apologize and claim they "are not racist," leading one to wonder if that is true, then who is? The video sharpens focus on growing racial fractures in the South African approach of nonracialism. A recent rampage by a white man shooting black people adds to the problem. Black South Africans are losing patience with white foot dragging. Race-based economic disparities seem entrenched in cities like Cape Town. Sipho Seepe, president of the South African Institute of Race Relations, says along with black disadvantage, white advantages thereby gained must also be discussed.

French soccer officials are getting serious about racist incidents at soccer games (Article 1, Article 2). In the London area police make an arrest in an incident of racist vandalism. Amidst anti-immigrant electoral rhetoric, Italians embrace a film on mixed-race romance.






Several informative reports have come out since the start of the year.

International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) Shadow Report, by US Human Rights Network. A comprehensive report to the United Nations and the world on racism in the US.

The Whitest Law Schools, by Prof. Vernellia Randall

Foreclosed: State of the Dream 2008, by United for a Fair Economy. About race and mortgage foreclosures.

2008's Ten Worst Places to be Black, by Bruce Dixon, The Black Commentator

2008 Presidential Election, Race and Racism, by Prof. Vernellia Randall. This is absolutely the best resource on race and the election. See, for instance, the candidates' positions on key areas of racial justice.

James Loewen, author of Sundown Towns, has started a newsletter and project to uncover and acknowledge the hidden history of all-white towns.





New video game, ICED, simulates the difficulties of gaining citizenship. Read a review, or go to the game's website (requires Adobe Flash).

Blackface "Fauxbama" on Saturday Night Live stirs controversy, given absence of more than one black cast member (Article 1, Article 2).

Band changes venue after fans suspect proprietor is white supremacist. London prepares to reprise Rock Against Racism, originally held in 1978.

The top 10 rap songs white people love (see the videos; but don't try to print the page!). On a more serious note, what does it mean when black-conscious hip-hop appeals most to a white audience?





John Barnes, pioneering black English soccer star, tackles racism.

Ignoring racist remarks is wrong lesson for kids.

Interview with the creator of the blog, Stuff White People Like, Part 1 and Part 2.





Many articles have come out concerning white people, white privilege, etc. and the presidential race. Check Prof Vernellia Randall's ongoing listing for examples.

Culturism and Whiteness, by John Press, American Chronicle, February 12, 2008.

Musings in Black History Month, by Rev. Dr. Mervin Stoddart. The Jamaica Observer, February 26, 2008.





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Walk with Us: Triplet Boys, their Teen Parents and Two White Women who Tagged Along
$19.95; ISBN: 10 digit - 1-934-390-30-5; 13 digit - 978-1-934390-30-6

320 page non-fiction narrative set in Philadelphia at the turn of the millenium. Family, race, race relations. Two middle-aged white women share their home with Black Muslim teenagers and their triplet newborns.



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